2014 Topps Spring Fever Baseball Cards

Yesterday, I was able to swing by Collector’s Den, my local card shop, and I heard some terrible news: they will no longer be selling sports cards.  The owner said that aside from me and three others, no one buys sports cards from him.  What a sad day for myself and the Wichita Falls area.  For almost 15 years, Collector’s Den kept the local card shop tradition alive.  The past two years, I have hounded them for Red Sox cards, and I have been nothing but a thorn in their side.

After learning of the tragic news, the owner was gracious enough to let me look through some of the remaining boxes of singles.  While most were football cards, I did manage to grab a handful of great cards at an unrealistic price.

First up, a group of 2014 Topps Spring Fever Baseball cards:

'14 Topps Spring Fever

David Ortiz, Xander Bogaerts, and Dustin Pedroia.

Part of the Topps Spring Fever promotion, Spring Fever baseball cards came in packs of 5.  These cards are incredibly bright.  While I don’t like the color schemes, I do appreciate the theme, as every year I can’t wait for Spring and the return of baseball.


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