2013 Topps Triple Threads

While at the Collector’s Den for what may have been my final visit, I stumbled upon a stack of cards that had no business being there: 2013 Topps Triple Threads Base Set and parallels.  Normally, cards in a set like this don’t make their way into my collection, as I can’t afford to buy these boxes.  Every now and then, I will find a great deal on a relic or autograph, but somehow, the base set gets overlooked.  However, as I looked through the stack of cards, I decided that I needed these particular cards.

'13 Topps TT-WB

Wade Boggs in a Yankees uniform is never a good thing.  In this case, it doesn’t really look good, as the gray background clashes with the pinstripes.  Normally, I would never go after this card, but essentially, this was free.  Boggs is still one of my favorite Red Sox players and one of the best 3rd basemen in the history of the game.

'13 Topps TT-AM

As I have said in a previous post, McCutchen is one of my favorite current players.  This card looks amazing and I was happy it was left behind by all who came before me.

'13 Topps TT-HK

This is a Harmon Killebrew Amethyst parallel, numbered 524/650.  In my opinion, this is the best looking card of the stack that I got from Collector’s Den.  Somehow, the amethyst background works with the old Twins colors.  For sentimental reasons, Killebrew is a player that I have always respected and admired.  This is one of only a few of his cards that I own, but that may soon change.

'13 Topps TT-JB13 Topps TT-JB2

Thematically, these two cards are the most fitting from my resent acquisition.  Two versions of the Johnny Bench base card: Amethyst numbered 442/650 and Gold numbered 03/99.  By far, these were the biggest surprises of the day.  Bench is such a collected player, I find it difficult to believe that either of these cards was still there, especially the Gold version.  Johnny Bench is not even on my radar, as far as players I collect.  His vintage cards, relics, and autographed cards are way out of my price range.  However, this deal was too good to pass up.  So now I have a very small collection of Johnny Bench cards.

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