2013 Panini America’s Pastime Baseball-Carlton Fisk

When I got back into collecting, one of the things that really excited me was the prospect of getting an auto or relic in every hobby box.  After opening a number of boxes, and pulling a lot of cards that I didn’t want, I started using the internet to obtain the desired cards.

With each relic card I pulled or bought, I noticed the phrasing on the back of the cards is different for each company, and the older the relic, the better the phrasing of the materials authenticity.  Thus ensuring a more authentic jersey.

My most recent Carlton Fisk relic is from ’13 Panini America’s Pastime Baseball.

'13 Panini America's Pastimes Fisk

Part of the Trading Swatches set, this particular card is numbered 38/125.  At first, I really liked this card.  I am a fan of the idea of using swatches of materials from both teams, the Red Sox and the White Sox.  I don’t, however, like the color of the swatches.  The White Sox swatch is red, and the Red Sox swatch is grey.  It would have been much better had the color of the swatches been coherent.

My biggest issue with this card, though, is the verbage used to describe the material.

Panini back of card

Panini America, Inc. tells me that it guarantees this game-worn material.  Fine, it is guaranteed, but as what?  Was this material used in an MLB game?  Was it worn by Carlton Fisk?  Is it even from a Red Sox or White Sox jersey?  The answer to all of these questions is probably “no” .

For a box the sold for over $2oo when it was released, it would have been nice to have better quality and selection of materials.

It seems like I will have to buy older cards if I want better relics.

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