1952 Topps-Dom DiMaggio

About a year ago, I went to my local card shop, Collector’s Den, looking for new Red Sox cards.  Much to my surprise, the owner had recently acquired some incomplete Topps sets from the 50’s-60’s.  Due to his generosity, I was able to obtain a stack of vintage Red Sox players.

Over the next few weeks, I will post about each of these cards, starting with the oldest.

1952 Topps #22 Dom DiMaggio:

'52 Topps DiMaggio

The front of this card looks amazing.  I don’t care about grading when it comes to vintage cards.  The centering is off and there is a slight crease, but overall, this is a great card.  The old Boston logo is fantastic, and it looks good next to a facsimile signature of Dom DiMaggio.

'52 Topps DiMaggio-back

The back of the card is where the age shows the most.  However, for being over 60 years old, it isn’t too shabby.  I will admit, that had the shop owner not told me the year this card was issued, I wouldn’t have been able to say with any degree of certainty that this is from ’52, as there is no copyright date.

What can I say about this card other than, wow!  There is virtually nothing that I don’t like about this card.  Not only was I able to get a card from one of, if not the most iconic Topps sets of all time, I was able to get one of a player that I have long admired.  Dom DiMaggio is one of the most undervalued center fielders of all-time and should be in the Hall of Fame.

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