Today is Brock Holt Day!

No, he isn’t a catcher, at least not yet.  However, Brock Holt has played 3rd base, 1st base, left field, right field, and center field.  Five positions in less than 40 games.  This guy is a stud.  Oh, by the way, he is hitting .327/.366/.447 while leading off for the Red Sox.

In honor of this fantastic young player, who has proven that he will play any position to stay in the majors, I will be posting about him all day.

First up, is a 2013 Topps Heritage rookie card of Brock Holt.

'13 Heritage Brock Holt

Card number 74 features Holt along with Kyle McPherson.  Holt actually came up through the Pirates minor league organization, so this pairing isn’t that odd.  As I have previously stated, I am not a fan of multi-player cards.  But for the player who tied the major league record for most doubles in a game (4), it is fitting for Holt to be on a card that features two players.

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