2012 Topps Triple Threads Carlton Fisk

Two years ago, I started collecting baseball cards again.  A few months into my return to the hobby, I was able to go to a card show.  It had been more than twenty years since I had been to one, and I was excited to be able to make it to a show in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

As soon as I got there,  one thing stood out to me: cell phones dominated the card show.  Dealers and buyers alike were constantly checking their phones.  At first I had no idea why they would have their phones out, but I soon discovered that everyone was checking the prices of cards online.

Twenty years ago, it was possible to haggle over the price of cards, but I certainly didn’t have any means of checking the price of cards.  And as I kid, I certainly had no credibility in the negotiation.  In 2012, I saw children arguing with sellers over the price of cards, holding up their smart phones as proof of their point.  What a difference 20 years makes!

Luckily, I was able to use my phone to make a great purchase.

Fisk Auto Relic

This ’12 Topps Triple Threads Autographed Relic is numbered 15/18.  This is my one and only autographed Fisk card.  While it is a sticker auto, I am pleased with the card, and I was very pleased with the price.  I was able to get this card for under $25.  Thank you kids with phones!

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