1986 Topps

The final post on last year’s Father’s Day presents is about the box of 1986 Topps my wife bought for me.  This set carries a lot of meaning; my wife was born in ’86.  My goal is to put together the entire set by hand, even though I could probably get the factory set for around $2o.

As this set will receive a lot of attention in the future, this post will be shorter than the previous two.


1986 was a simpler time to collect cards.  There were only three major card manufacturers, and each manufacturer only produced one set.  I decided to go after the Topps product as it was the one that I remembered most from my childhood.

There are 792 cards in the set, and every card is considered part of the base set.  There are no inserts, though there are a few subsets within the base set: Record Breakers, All-Stars, Turn Back the Clock, Team Leaders, and the checklists.  In addition, there is a 6 card set focusing on the achievements of Pete Rose.

Before I end this post, I would like to include one of my favorite cards from this set.  It really doesn’t need any description as the picture says it all.

'86 Topps Ron Washington

Go get ’em Wash.

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