Fairfield Cube Catcher Cards

Rather than put them in the previous post, I decided to have a seperate post about some of the cards featuring catchers from the Fairfield Cube I bought the other day.  Aside from player and team collecting, I am also interested in cards that depict catchers in their gear, preferably in action.

2012 Series 1 Catchers

These four cards are all ’12 Topps Series One, and of them, the Chris Iannetta card is my favorite.  The image of him tagging out the runner is a great depiction of the type of athleticism requried to be a catcher.  I like the photography in all four of these cards and am grateful that Topps used action photos instead of posed portraits or catchers just standing in gear.

Fairfield Cube David Ross

Next is an ’08 Upper Deck Series 1 David Ross.  Ross, who currently catches for the Red Sox, was playing for the Reds in ’08.  The image used for this card is confusing.  It looks as if Ross has shoulder checked a player from the Pirates.  Ross is warily eyeing the runner, so he may be getting up off the ground after a homeplate collision.   Regardless, I like the card.

Fairfield Cube Napoli

Here is another great image of a catcher in action.  This is an ’08 Upper Deck Series One Mike Napoli, back in day when he was catching, rather than playing 1st base for the Red Sox.  It appears as if he was unsuccessful in his attempt to tag out the runner.  However, it is my favorite of these action shots of catchers from the Fairfield cube.

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