2014 Topps Heritage

On a recent trip to visit my sister in Denton, TX., my beautiful wife stopped at the local Target and picked up a rack pack of 2014 Topps Heritage.


Last year I got a box of Heritage, my first modern hobby box, and was pleased with the results.  Before opening this pack, I had high expectations.  Heritage seems more thought out and better executed than most of the other sets that Topps puts out.

This year’s cards are just as well executed as last years’.  The card stock is thick and has a fantastic vintage feel.  While most of the images are posed or portraits, they aren’t as generic as say, Allen and Ginter.

Heritage 14' Rack Pack

Out of the top pack, the best card is the Gregorius.  What a great hair cut! The Ryan Zimmerman is a high numbered short-print.

Heritage 14' Rack Pack picture 3

Anytime that I get cards of players that I actively collect, I get excited.  Of course I am a team collector of the Red Sox, so the Gomes card is a keeper, but getting a David Ortiz is great.  In addition, I have recently started collecting Jose Altuve, which means this is another one that will go in the binder.

Heritage 14 Rack Pack rookies

One aspect of Heritage that I don’t like is the format of the rookie cards.  I have never liked multiple rookies on the same card.  As a team and player collector, this annoys me when a player that I collect has to share the same card as another player, especially, if one of the these players ends up being a Hall of Famer.

The “best” card of the pack is a Carlos Beltran Chrome Base Variation numbered 378/999.  I don’t particularly like this card, as I am not a Beltran collector, especially since he now plays for the Yankees. But it is a gorgeous card, much thicker than the base cards.  There is an almost imperceptible outline around the player image, a neutral area if you will, that makes the image really stand out.

Heritage 14 Beltran refractor

Overall, I really enjoyed opening this pack.  I am keeping the Ortiz, Gomes, Altuve, Frazier, and Latos cards, but if anyone has any interest in the rest, shoot me an email.

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