Baseball Superstars Comics: Carlton Fisk

Even though it isn’t a card, I recently picked up a collectible that fits in nicely with this blog.

As you know, my favorite player is Carlton Fisk.  During the past few months, I have been looking for a Fisk biography.  While there are many books that have chapters and sections devoted to him, in my research, I have not found a single biography of Fisk.  I was extremely disappointed,until I found this gem on ebay:

Fisk Comic book

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  What a great addition to my Fisk collection!

From the series “Baseball Superstars Comics” by Revolutionary Comics, this title focuses exclusively on Carlton Fisk.  This is put together just like a comic book.  Except for the cover, all of the artwork is black and white.  While this is by no means an in-depth look at his career, it does offer a good synopsis of his playing days.

A few interesting facts about this book/series: In the top right corner is the caption “Unauthorized And Proud of It”

This particular issue was illustrated by Greg Fox.  Along with drawing countless sports icons, Fox is best known for his strip Kyle’ Bed and Breakfast.

While I have not found a comprehensive list, there are at least 20 titles in this series including: Bo Jackson, Nolan Ryan, and Pete Rose.

Revolutionary Comics is best known for producing the “Rock N Roll Comics” series, which was also unauthorized.

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