Current Catchers I Enjoy Watching the Most

There are a number of great catchers in MLB right now.  As it stands, I am not a major fan of the two best catchers in the game: Posey and Molina.  I have nothing personal against either catcher, I just don’t get excited watching them.  But I have no problem admitting that they are head and shoulders above the other catchers in the league.

However, there are a handful of catchers that I sincerely enjoy watching.  Most of them are very young and hopefully, will have great careers ahead of them; 3 of them will probably have limited careers behind the plate.  But for right now, these three catchers are fun to watch and have made their way in my player collection.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia:

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Miami Marlins

Currently, “Salty” is the catching I enjoy watching and collecting the most.  The reasons are mostly indefinable.  There is something about his style of play that appeals to me.  His defense and arm aren’t very good, although he has made a lot of progress.  His offense isn’t great,yet last year, he had a number of big hits down the stretch.  Now that he plays in the N.L., he probably won’t be an all-star.

But he has a lot of hustle, determination, and grit.  Mostly, he seems to really enjoy playing catcher.  The “love of the game” is really apparent in him, which can’t be said for a lot of superstars today.  At 28, he probably won’t be a starting catcher after his current contract expires.

Evan Gattis:


“El Oso Blanco” has such an incredible story getting the majors, it is hard not to like him. Coming back from drug addiction, getting drafted in the 23rd round, and playing in the Venezuelan league, has endeared Gattis to Braves fans, much like Josh Hamilton with Rangers.

Last year, Gattis was 7th in the N.L. ROY balloting.  He has incredible power and plays with tremendous heart.  So far this season, he has 34 hits and 10 of them are home runs.  I don’t imagine he will play catcher for too many seasons; I am sure he will follow the pattern set by Napoli, Mauer, and Carlos Santana.  But right now, he is a pleasure to watch.

Jason Castro:


As an Astros fan, it is great that we finally have an all-star catcher behind the plate.  The last time a catcher for the Astros was an all-star was Craig Biggio in 1991.  2013 was  a great season for Castro, who made his first all-star team by hitting 18 hrs, 56 RBIs, and .276/.350/.485.

Castro, is an amazing talent.  Overcoming all of the injuries he has sustained has proven that he is willing to do whatever it takes to make a contribution to his team.  At 27, his durability is questionable, but while he is behind the plate, I will continue to collect his cards and enjoy watching him play.

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