Why I Like. . .my favorite team: part 5

Finally, without further ado, I give you my favorite team. . .


From the time I first stepped onto a little league diamond, I have been a fan of the Red Sox.  And even though it is due to ignorance, I have been following the Red Sox since I was 8.

As a young, heavy-set child, I was able to hit a baseball really hard, which is not an uncommon thing.  In one of my first T-ball practices, I hit the ball off the T, far beyond the center-fielder.  My coach said, “We have our own Babe Ruth.”  That night, I went to our set of encyclopedias and looked up Babe Ruth.  He had an extensive entry, but I really only read the first few lines, then looked at the pictures of him.  I saw him in a Boston Red Sox uniform, and  to my every lasting-shame, thought that is the team he hit all of those home-runs for.


Instantly, I became a life-long Red Sox fan.  After all, the greatest home-run hitter in MLB history had played for them.  Soon, I was collecting all of the Red Sox cards I could get my hands on.

Future posts will indicate just how much Boston Red Sox cards influenced me, but suffice it to say, I was enamored with the team.

After learning the true history of Ruth and the Red Sox, I began to appreciate the team even more.  Knowing that they had gone so long without winning a World Series made me appreciate them even more.  Current players became some of my favorites;  Wade Boggs and Mike Greenwell had pages of my binder devoted to their cards.  When we were put on teams at recess, gym, or even the classroom, my team was always the “Boston Igniters.”


Although in the 90’s Boston wasn’t always the most popular team, I watched every game I could. I bought hats, t-shirts, cards, posters, and books about the Red Sox.  I cried when they won the World Series in 2004.

Years later, I get sick to my stomach every time they lose a game.  I have an obsession with collecting cards of my favorite Red Sox players: Fisk, Yaz, Boggs, Evans, Pedroia, Ortiz, and Varitek.  Heck, the Red Sox are one of the main reasons I started this blog, and they remain my favorite team.

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