Why I like. . .my favorite teams: part 3

There is a weird connection between the team of my last post (Astros) and this next team on my list. . . the New York Mets.


As I previously stated, Nolan Ryan was my favorite pitcher during my childhood.  I knew Ryan first as an Astro, then as a Ranger.  However, in 1990, Topps came out with a card that helped solidify the Mets as a favorite team:


Prior to this card, I had no idea that Ryan played for the Mets.  This was long before the days google, so I had a limited amount of information.  As soon as I saw this card, I knew that I had to start following the Mets.  However, finding cards of Ryan as a Met was impossible, for obvious reasons: an eight-year-old doesn’t have hundreds of dollars for baseball cards.  Heck, I didn’t even have ten dollars for cards.

So I focused on more current players, and lo and behold, the Mets had a great catcher who had played for them for the past 5 years, Gary Carter.  I have already told you in a previous post, Carter went on to become one of my favorite all-time players.

In addition, I had played a lot of 1st base in little league, and Keith Hernandez was a great baseball player and someone that I collected.

Throughout the 90’s, my parents watched Seinfeld, which meant that if we were quiet, and didn’t complain my older brother and sister and I could watch as well.  In 1992, Keith Hernandez had a part in two episodes of the show, “The Boyfriend” part 1 and 2.  It was awesome to see one of my favorite players on a show that seemed so cool.


Interestingly, in 2010, Jerry Seinfeld was in the booth with Hernandez, who announces for the Mets, for 4 innings of a game discussing what he loves about the Mets.  At one point, he mentioned that if Hernandez would have passed on doing the show, Seinfeld would have asked Gary Carter.

In the late 90’s Piazza joined the Mets and they became contenders again.  I have kept up with Mets for over 20 years, ignoring the fact that in 86′, they beat the Red Sox in the World Series.


Currently, my favorite 3rd baseman is David Wright.  What a player! He has so much talent, and while he doesn’t have a lot of support, he is blast to watch.  He is 7x all-star, 2x Gold Glover, and 2x Silver Slugger.  I actively collect his cards, and while his auto is a bit out of price range, I would love to get my hands on a signed card.

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