1987 Topps

After posting yesterday about putting together a set of 86′ Topps, a friend of mine called and said that he had a bunch of duplicates that he was willing to part with.  He lives in the same town, so he brought them over last night.  He left the binder with me and told me I could have whatever cards I needed to fill up my want list.  After he left I made a discovery; the binder was full of 87′ Topps.  Instead of disappointment, I felt excitement.  I only have a handful of 87′ Topps in my collection.

While I didn’t get to add to my 86′ collection, I did grab a handful of cards from a set that I have ignored.

The biggest surprise was the fact that my Carlton Fisk collection, which isn’t huge but does have close to 200 cards, did not contain an 87′ Topps card.  So here it is, in all its splendor, my favorite card from my first trade in 20 years:


Thanks goes out to my buddy, Paul, for being so gracious.

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