My Collecting Goals:1986

In addition to getting every card of Carlton Fisk I can get my hands on, I have a separate goal: I want to put together a hand-collated set of 86′ Topps, Fleer and Donruss.

My wife was born in 86′, so I want to build the set of all three major brands.  I have a decent start on the 86′ Topps set.  Last year for father’s day, my wife bought me a box of Topps (how amazing is that?).  So I am about a third of the way there for that set.


I have almost no cards from the Fleer or Donruss sets, but for now, I will focus on 86′ Topps.  It shouldn’t be too difficult, as 86′ is considered part of the “junk wax” era.

I may buy another box sometime in the future, but that will yield a lot of doubles.  The trouble with buying older boxes is that there are no hits.  So unless there is key rookie card, it is not the most efficient way to collect.

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