What if?

I have never really been a fan of “walk up” music in baseball.  I don’t really mind entrance music for closers. As a Boston fan it is difficult to say this, but when it got to the 9th inning, hearing “Enter Sandman” as Rivera went to the mound had an impact.  However, I get tired of hearing walk-up music every time someone comes up to bat.  Each player, or almost every player, has a specific song he wants played.  Some even have different songs for different innings.  It gets to be a little much.  I would much prefer to hear the announcer say the name of the batter and move on with the game, like in the good ole days.

Which makes one wonder. . .

What if “walk up” music had been in use during the Golden Era of baseball?  Try to imagine: it’s early July, 1941, New York City. And Joe DiMaggio steps out of the dugout.  He has hit safely in over 40 games.  40,000 fans cheer as DiMaggio walks toward the plate, and over the loudspeaker you hear “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller.

It doesn’t really have the same effect as some of the entrance music today.



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