I wish I had been collecting when. . .

I wish I had been collecting when Fleer released their Red Sox 100th Anniversary Legacy baseball set, in 2001.  As Boston is my favorite team, this set is a dream come true.  Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up in time.


The checklist is great.  Of course it has all of the all time greats like Williams, Yaz, Doerr, and Fisk; but it also includes more recent stars like Pedro, Boggs, and Vaughn.  Likewise, it has a number of lesser known players, like Bernie Carbo, Johnny Pesky, and Jim Piersall, that never receive any attention from collectors.

There are 100 base cards printed on high quality stock, with a slightly raised border on the front.  In addition to the base cards, there a few inserts as well: Beantown’s Best, Yawkey’s Heroes, and Fenway Through the Years.

I have done research and found that some editions of hobby boxes came with an autographed hat!  How awesome is that.

Unfortunately, there are no current listings on ebay for hobby boxes.  Fortunately, my wonderful wife bought me the boxed set for Christmas this past year, which included all of the base cards and the Beantown’s Best insert.

I think that this type of release should be revisited by Panini.  I know Topps wouldn’t want to mess with this type of product right now, but I think Panini could pick the top 10 teams in baseball and release a set for each of those teams.  Include one auto and one relic in every box and most team collectors would go crazy for it.  Just saying Panini, put that Hall of Fame license to work.

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