2014 Topps Archives. . .are you kidding me?


I finally got a look at the checklist for 2014 Topps Archives, and I must say I am disappointed.  Once again, Topps has ignored my favorite player, Carlton Fisk.  Through 3 major releases (Series One, Gypsy Queen, and Archives) Topps has not included Fisk in any inserts or base sets.  Series One did produce a very limited number of manufactured Topps Rookie Cup Trophy cards, but other than this hard to find “brick” of a card, Fisk has been ignored.  While he did appear in Tribute and Museum, these cards are expensive and limited.

2014 Archives does include players like Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage, and Eric Davis, all of whom seem relatively unimportant in the hobby.  How many avid Gossage collectors are out there? But hey, Deon Sanders has been included as an SP, and we all know how important he was to baseball.

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