Red Sox re-sign Stephen Drew


The Red Sox have re-signed shortstop Stephen Drew to a one year deal.  So after sitting out the first 44 games of the year, Drew will be expected to immediately step into the lineup and provide some solid defense at shortstop, possible pop at the plate, and guidance for an struggling Bogaerts.

Boston is in desperate need of the defense, so Drew should be a plus there.  And while his bat should provide some offense, this move doesn’t provide the protection that is needed in the lineup.  Just where in the lineup Drew will be hitting is the question.  Most likely, Farrell will give him time to adjust and have him hit 7 or 8.  This will take some of the pressure off him as he gets reps.

Bogaerts will likely slide over to third.  Defensively, this won’t do much for his development.  But I think there could be an unforeseen advantage to the move.  Playing third will be less stressful mentally and physically, which may give him some relief.  We could see an increase in his offensive production.

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