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And? What's the point here. It's cheaper for the government to let kids die in an epidemic?

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Tight pink wet shaved lesbian ass
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Goltilabar 07.06.2018
Yes, but the theory of common descent was thrown in there like legislation sneakily added onto a bill that?s getting voted on.
Faulrajas 13.06.2018
Completely off topic and evading, as usual.
Akisida 24.06.2018
You better tell that to his attorney, given he's making it part of his client's defense.
Akigore 28.06.2018
No, I explained the phenomenon...and, there is no net impact.
Doukazahn 03.07.2018
I edited out that part
Moogutilar 10.07.2018
xD noice wolfies
Maukora 11.07.2018
The Universe is just evidence of the Universe.
Nikoshicage 14.07.2018
Jesus H Christ... You need to work on your reading comprehension skills...
Zurr 24.07.2018
But science has already supported that claim so far, and it continues to support that claim every moment that there's no evidence a creator is needed.
Ket 26.07.2018
Realy? Child rape is just a byproduct of being horny?

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