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Seems like he would read what people are saying and stop with this kind of talk. Saying it about his daughter takes this to another level! t?s obvious he?s not a Christian man!

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Meztikinos 16.07.2018
Even within a Congress which is presently of the same political party majority as him.
Daik 17.07.2018
You are debating a subject you have no understanding of.
Mazugor 19.07.2018
you already decided that long before you responded to me, neighbor.
Tojataxe 28.07.2018
I think more accurately there are two sexes. And they typically present culturally in two ways. But I hesitate to even say there are two genders being it is wholly irrelevant topic anyway. People can express however they want. But we are still either man or woman regardless.
Mukus 07.08.2018
Absolutely, if they'd been selling bacon to other people.
Negor 10.08.2018
Thats not a marriage.

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