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Very good, right. This is my first story. I believe this is possibly the best erotic story that could ever be written in all of history. I spent hours retelling this true story about the raging homo brunie and his also gay brother tommy.

This story has many literary devices and a lot of figurative language. I hope you all Dikc so hard that your screen was covered in the semen and you all licked it up like a dog licking up water out speechwritef his water bowl.

Anyway, thank you for reading my first masterpiece. There will be more to come.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑
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Andy Dick Bush speechwriter
Andy Dick Bush speechwriter
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Sagrel 14.07.2018
It always makes sense to leave a dangerous area in order to stay alive. Always. Especially if you have children.
Daigar 23.07.2018
Hahaha So clever man
Shagul 25.07.2018
I do prefer tea:-)
Akinokinos 30.07.2018
Denying the existence of Paul and the apostles puts you in a pretty hilariously extreme position.
Kilmaran 31.07.2018
That is not how it works Jaime. You disprove what I just said.
Kikinos 02.08.2018
You were quite successful in making me smile :)
Tasar 07.08.2018
Hahahahaha ignorant Rightists do for sure.
Gosho 13.08.2018
Don't Disqus and drive!
Arazil 18.08.2018
Goodbye fictional figment.
Malazil 23.08.2018
Geez, Abe. It's not worth my time. You are ignoring everything they did and only starting from what he did. And this is what you blamed LGBQTs of doing a few posts ago. Pot calling kettle.

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