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The AG in the Pennsylvania investigation stated today that he had contacted the Pope during his investigation and requested the Pope's help. Seems the local churches were not cooperating, and in fact were filing legal challenges to block the investigation. The AG has requested the Pope to ask the parishes to assist. Pope declined to step in.

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Gay Oral execution of IVR
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Voodoojora 23.08.2018
It actually is true. One doesn't even have to raise a sweat to find proof. All you have to do is look at all those leftist mayors who have aided illegal immigrants to avoid ICE. Leftists also made the slack laws that let criminals out of prison long before their sentence is up or don't bother to give them the sentence they deserve to begin with.
Zulkibei 24.08.2018
Lol.. No babe . .. I'm not playa??
Mom 01.09.2018
So now you offer that they are not acurate but his advice, I'll put that into the shouldn't be taken literally pile.
Brall 11.09.2018
Ha, thanks, they made a great couple in classic movies. But were also great friends irl. Their charisma matched perfectly. ??
Malakinos 18.09.2018
Yeah, but I think it's also a mistake to talk like that. Evolutionists appear to assume that "continuation of a species" is something natural forces would tend towards, but there's nothing in f=ma or e=mcc that tends toward the continuation of a species.
Zulkihn 26.09.2018
I know science is limited when it cannot tell me whether a painting is a masterpiece or a confused splattering of colours. It does not tell me whether a poem is good or bad. The evaluation of literature, art, music, philosophy is outside the scope of science. Science can tell me how to kill a person but it is silent on morality.
Zulkijar 05.10.2018
??? no it wasnt. Your post was a reply to jackfrost about bad guys and good guys, then you defined paranoia. I only recognized that gun nuts are paranoid too, under that definition.
Faet 06.10.2018
Is all about freedom in Quote
Megul 07.10.2018
Your citizenship was questioned, not attacked, beecause of your disrespect toward a fine person, whether you agreed with him or not.

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