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Proof is brought up in other topics as well.

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Bible Drinking Piss in Leviticus
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Gardat 01.09.2018
1. Islam is belief in Allah and Muhammad
Marg 08.09.2018
Yes! I always repeat the question "I don't know, can you?" lol
Fenrisar 13.09.2018
thanks, I was wrong and an ass.
Vobei 16.09.2018
Hard to find a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian to honour any other god. I think you live in a dream world.
Meran 19.09.2018
Well that's kinda un-nerving.
Gronris 29.09.2018
everyday its like that
Nezuru 01.10.2018
I didn't say it was "the best of times." But our times are definitely getting worse, and you can't see it, because you're drunk on the feminist kool-aid.
Mikagis 07.10.2018
I am glad you have happiness. It makes me happy to see others happy <3

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